Monday, 14 March 2016


Tom and Janet are just like you, me and many other people in Aylesbury. A hardworking couple who have strived to bring up a family and do the best with what life throws at them. They eventually reached the time in life when they could afford to make an investment in the property market.

Their aim? Well just like you and me, when they retire they do not wish to rely on the vagaries of the stock market. They have no desire to rely on a pension pot that will not be the size it was meant to be. They do not have enough capital to live off the miserly bank interest that could be accrued. They do not want to sell the family home and downsize to an area they are unfamiliar with. Their aim is to use the limited capital available to generate a monthly return and if the market is kind to them they will benefit from some capital growth through property value increases. In short they want to protect themselves financially for the future and enjoy their later years.
So in 2013 with these thoughts in mind they visited me at a Landlord Drop in Session.

They were able to discuss their financial situation, start to understand CGT (Capital Gains Tax), IHT (Inheritance Tax) and the benefits of buying a property to let as well as the most common pitfalls that face first time landlords. We discussed the most suitable locations and types or property to buy, the likely tenants for these properties and the factors that influence the monthly rent/return.
As a landlord you have a choice of chasing yield or capital growth depending on your needs. Many landlords opt for an element of each.  It is important to understand how different locations, property types and other factors effect these criteria.
After the Landlord Drop in Session Tom and Janet took a period of time to reflect upon the information they had gained and proceeded to purchase their first buy to let property in The Furlongs, Aylesbury. I was able to reassure them regarding the market, achievable rent and suitability of the property they had chosen. In late 2013 the property was readily let to a good tenant.
Having got the bit between their teeth and had the success of their first purchase, with our help and advice, another property has since been secured and subsequently let to good tenants.
Tom and Janet commented ‘Having toyed for years with the idea of buying a property to let we first met with Ian at one of Mortimers free advice sessions, and literally, it all went from there. We left feeling confident and fully informed about how to go ahead with this new venture. We have no doubt in the expertise and integrity of all members of the team, and they have made, and continue to make, the whole process very straightforward. We consider our buy to let venture a complete success, and we give the credit for this to the team at Mortimers.’
This week on Saturday 19th March we are holding the latest Landlord Drop in Session. It is in our Temple Street office in Aylesbury 10.00am to 2.00pm. No appointment required. There will be experts on hand you can talk to if you wish, there will not be any presentations or boring stuff, no obligation to buy any product or service.
New landlords with property to let can get access to our experts for free and be able to take advantage of discounts on our services by attending on the day. Discounts will be valid for three months after the event so if you have yet to complete on a buy to let purchase don’t worry the discounts can still be agreed on Saturday and applied later.